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Mineblock Product Design
Design Process To me, the MINEBLOCK project represents an excellent example of the convergence of a vast number of technical, digital, physical and human constraints. Knowing that being able to keep a close eye on all of these considerations simultaneously was going to be next to impossible, I asked a few friends to help with […] Read more – ‘Mineblock Product Design’.
Connecting directly to RPi
One of the first things you do with a Raspberry Pi is connect it to a wifi or ethernet network but what if you don’t have an extra keyboard or screen available, but you have a laptop? There are times when a HDMI monitor is not available to use with your Raspberry Pi.  In those circumstances it can […] Read more – ‘Connecting directly to RPi’.
Mineblock Wifi Configuration Userflows
Possible user flows for Wifi Configuration Userflow V1 if Mineblock can’t connect to a wifi network Mineblock creates a point-to-point network User uses laptop or phone to connect to network User goes to webpage on their device. (You should be redirected to a config page) User enters the network details (network name and password) User […] Read more – ‘Mineblock Wifi Configuration Userflows’.

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