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Talking about Mineblock at HIDC 2014
This week I had the honour to speak at HOW’s Interactive Design Conference 2014 in Chicago. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about how to design and experiment with the merging of hardware and software. I used the term Meta Products to describe the specific mashup of the physical object with sensors […] Read more – ‘Talking about Mineblock at HIDC 2014’.
Mineblock Product Design
Design Process To me, the MINEBLOCK project represents an excellent example of the convergence of a vast number of technical, digital, physical and human constraints. Knowing that being able to keep a close eye on all of these considerations simultaneously was going to be next to impossible, I asked a few friends to help with […] Read more – ‘Mineblock Product Design’.
Connecting directly to RPi
One of the first things you do with a Raspberry Pi is connect it to a wifi or ethernet network but what if you don’t have an extra keyboard or screen available, but you have a laptop? There are times when a HDMI monitor is not available to use with your Raspberry Pi.  In those circumstances it can […] Read more – ‘Connecting directly to RPi’.

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