Start Music Hacking Now

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I keep hearing myself say: There has never been a better time to get into music technology than now– Haig Armen These days there is so many…

Introducing PureData

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I’ve been posting my experiments exploring sound/musical instrument design and prototyping, and it occurred to me that although my writing had focussed on the creative process and…

SI004 – NonInstrument

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Most of my research these days is about getting to the heart of how we interact with musical instruments, exploring the essence of a nuanced touch that…

SI03 Experiment 3 – nSynth

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Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) and I beginning to investigate how it may shape the way we design musical instruments. First let’s get…

SI02 Experiment 2 – Nukulele

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Rather than using RaspberryPi and Pd (PureData) as the sound generator in this experiment I wanted to use another sound source, something that resonates acoustically that I…

SI01 Experiment 1 – SenseSynth

I’m going to start documenting each Sonic Interactions experiment for the purpose of marking where I am in the process. Each one of these is merely a…