Mineblock Product Design
Design Process To me, the MINEBLOCK project represents an excellent example of the convergence of a vast number of technical, digital, physical and human constraints. Knowing that being able to keep a close eye on all of these considerations simultaneously was going to be next to impossible, I asked a few friends to help with […] Read more – ‘Mineblock Product Design’.
Last week O’Reilly Media hosted the Solid Conference in San Francisco I thought I’d post a quick summary of the high level themes that I heard talked about. I know what you’re thinking, another conference where speakers spit out buzzwords like 3D printing, internet of things, drones, crowd-funding, and so on but I was utterly […] Read more – ‘SOLID Notes’.
Role Playing at an Intersection
Today I wanted to reflect on my role in the team on the Recon Jet Project. This project is another chance for me to experiment with the intersection between design and development disciplines. As many of us have learned, there are many ways to communicate our intentions and proposed solutions in digital media. One of […] Read more – ‘Role Playing at an Intersection’.
Daily Data Visualization
After attending the EYEO conference this year and hanging out with Fire Friends I was inspired to challenge myself to creating a daily data visualization during the month of July. As it happens, I’m in the south of France & London for most of the month and I’d like the visualizations to center around our […] Read more – ‘Daily Data Visualization’.
EYEO 2013
This past week Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center has been filled with artists, coders, and interactive intelligentsia from around the world for the Eyeo Festival. What is Eyeo? a media art, interaction and information conference? Is it creative coding? Is it a data visualization conference? Is it design? Storytelling? “Yeah,” said festival co-founder Dave Schroeder, addressing […] Read more – ‘EYEO 2013’.
Designing in a Post Digital Era
To understand the notion of ‘Post-Digital’ I have written this short formal essay to represent my perspective on a conceptual exploration I have been on with a few fellow professors over the past year. This is strickly my position in a mental exercise that Vjeko Sager, Duane Elverum and I agreed to participate in and […] Read more – ‘Designing in a Post Digital Era’.
Digital Magazines on Mobile Devices
I had an amazing time in Calgary (of all places) giving a talk about the Future of Magazines for Alberta’s Magazine Conference 2011. The conference was top notch, I met some truly awesome people and look forward to keeping in touch with them all. Here’s my slidedeck from the conference. Mobile Magazine Publishing Some of […] Read more – ‘Digital Magazines on Mobile Devices’.
Multitouch Screen Design Research Articles
Over the past year I’ve been researching how to design for Multitouch devices after our experience of designing the Beluga Whale exhibit for the Vancouver Aquarium. I’ve pulled what I think are last year’s ten best posts for your enjoyment. 1. 5 Questions for Planning a Multitouch Interface 2. Creating Intuitive Gestures Using Object Orientation […] Read more – ‘Multitouch Screen Design Research Articles’.
Alex Steffen Lecture
On September 8th, 2010 Alex Steffen gave a lecture to the public at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. If the name is unfamiliar to you, Alex Steffen is someone you should read about. He edited the book WorldChanging, a 600 page: A Users Guide for the 21st Century is a groundbreaking compendium of […] Read more – ‘Alex Steffen Lecture’.
Typography for the Web
"One of the principles of durable typography is always legibility; another is something more than legibility: some earned or unearned interest that gives its living energy to the page." - Robert Bringhurst Read more – ‘Typography for the Web’.
Rejected Chris Ware Magazine Cover
More brilliance from one of my all time favourite illustrators Read more – ‘Rejected Chris Ware Magazine Cover’.
I’ll be presenting a talk on a new topic for me at this year’s Content Convergence and Integration Conference on March 14th. The subject I’ve chosen is Service Design – a new term for designing and integrating all the various touchpoints of a brand into a new networked service. It’s a fairly new approach to […] Read more – ‘CCI CONFERENCE TALK’.
Bill Moggridge Speaks at Emily Carr
I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be at ECIAD on November 8th. Last year I completely devoured Bill Moggridge’s book Designing Interactions. A comprehensive historic look at the innovators and milestones of interface design. Bill Moggridge is co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based design firm IDEO, independently ranked by business leaders as one […] Read more – ‘Bill Moggridge Speaks at Emily Carr’.
A Day at the London Design Festival
London was buzzing for the last two weeks of September. Everywhere you looked, on every street corner there seemed to be something about design. The city was filled with museum exhibits, public art and storefronts with interactive installations. I took in what I could in a week before heading to the south of France for […] Read more – ‘A Day at the London Design Festival’.
Marketing Wahaca
While cruising the streets of London I was approached by a smart looking guy offering me the chance to grow my own jalapeno peppers at home. He handed me a small pink package, that looked a bit like a book of matches. Inside were five chilli-pepper seeds, with instructions on how to plant them. As […] Read more – ‘Marketing Wahaca’.
The Replenishing Body
While in London for their design festival I visited an interesting interactive installation at the Beyond the Valley showroom. The installation was put on by SHOWstudios, who’s Head of Interactive Ross Phillips I met at the iDesign conference. The piece is a collaboration with Evian (the people that bring us expensive water) and uses 1 […] Read more – ‘The Replenishing Body’.
Look in the MIRROR
For the past 3 years I’ve been working on a project called MIRROR with my good friend Thomas Anselmi. Our collaboration began with a breakfast meeting about a website and quickly evolved into us writing music and visually refining the MIRROR brand together. MIRROR just launched a new site and put on two free shows […] Read more – ‘Look in the MIRROR’.
Tufte’s Sparklines
Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Edward Tufte. Who is he? He may be the only designer with a roadie. If you have yet to read any of his books you will find depth and clarity in his explanations of information design that simplifies complex data systems. Or perhaps you could read his […] Read more – ‘Tufte’s Sparklines’.
Analogue Miniatures
How cool is that? I want one. Read more – ‘Analogue Miniatures’.
Mark Your Space
More and more, it seems that one of the stronger motivational factors of the web is to tag, mark you space, define your borders, or claim your territory. Call it what you will, it seems like a new continent has been discovered and everyone wants a piece. No visual representation shows this more that DrawBall. […] Read more – ‘Mark Your Space’.
Composer under the Hood
There’s no telling what you’ll find if you just rummage under the hood of Apple’s OS X. If you’ve got a mac, chances are you probably haven’t yet found the Quartz Composer. It’s a cool possibly geeky way of generating motion graphics on the fly. QC has a unique method of composing motion graphics recipes […] Read more – ‘Composer under the Hood’.