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By Haig on July 1, 2013 — 1 min read

After attending the EYEO conference this year and hanging out with Fire Friends I was inspired to challenge myself to creating a daily data visualization during the month of July. As it happens, I’m in the south of France & London for most of the month and I’d like the visualizations to center around our family holiday. I am working to gather data and images as I go and I’m sure the results will both vary greatly and bring a new perspective on personal data, information design and coding.

You’ll be able to check back with me on how it’s going each day. Although I haven’t given myself a time deadline for each day because well, you know, I’m on holiday.

See the Daily Visualizations here:

Day 01: Jetlag
Day 02: Colour Abstraction
Day 03: Lethargy

If you have any ideas for specific types of visualizations let me know I’ll try them out.

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  • Quick update: Doing a Data Visualization a day is difficult and draining. I don’t recommend it while on vacation, nor am I in anyway responsible for you or your relationship going south if you attempt to do such a ridiculous thing.

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