Research Note 007: Write drunk, Edit sober

By Haig on January 21, 2019 — 1 min read

Hemingway with wine and a cat

Write drunk, Edit sober”.

Apparently Ernest Hemingway may have said this.

As I work towards developing my own writing practice I have noticed that I’m a much better editor than writer and find it difficult to turn off the editing mode in my mind. I have considerably less trouble with this as a musician. From the minute I pick up a guitar I can easily slip into a stream of consciousness and flow through composition to improvisation and back. But I suppose it hasn’t always been this easy.

As a writer I’ll stop and try to find the right word or phrase instead of flowing and building a better narratives. I seems get stuck in the weeds, deliberating over the way I’m saying something instead of what I’m saying.

Normally I’d do my writing in the morning but I think I’ll try writing at night with a few drinks and see what happens. I’ll be the first to find out.

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