Daily Data Visualization:France 2013


This third data visualization was to come 5 days ago but there has been a number of reasons that have prevented me from publishing earlier, the least of which July 6th was my birthday. For the first couple of graphs I planned to just attempt some typical graphs using the popular Javascript library D3. The first visualization: Jetlag was a scatter plot diagram of sorts and I plan to create bar, line and pie charts later. That wasn't the difficult part: I was trying to pull my data from Nike's Fuelband and found it somewhat challenging to find a way to do it. I tried a number of ways of authenticating to the API but after many hours of trial and error (mostly errors) came a period of deliberation, eventually resigning to just grabbing the JSON data out of the browser and saving a csv file with the cleaned up data.

For today's visualization I plotted my Nike Fuelpoints (Nike's somewhat arbitrary point system for tracking activity) against the average daily temperature here in the south of France. The point is to observe whether heat changes my level of activity and exercise. I chose to "fill" the line chart in to illustrate the average progression over time despite the peaks and valleys.

Before you think I'm some sort of lazy sod I'd like to impart that the Nike Fuelband doesn't measure all activities equally and isn't able to track the hours of swimming I've done in the ocean with my kids every day because it isn't waterproof. That said, the fuelband is great because it provides feedback on your daily goal without being synced with a quick visual colour bar.