Daily Data Visualization:France 2013

Day 2: Colour Abstractions

After yesterday's fairly dry time visualization I'm experimenting with extracting colours out of photographs in a type of analytical way to present the dominant colours we're experiencing during our trip. I modified a Processing sketch I found ages ago in the Generative Design book that I used to analyze each pixel of a photography and compress the colours into a new canvas. If you're interested in seeing the Processing sketch, here's a 50K zip file of the project.

To the left is the same sketch embedded into the page using ProcessingJS, be sure to rollover different parts of the image to alter the amount the image is compressed and repeated to give colour patterns.

Below are a number of images and the processed colour swatched derived through the Processing sketch.


Ani Swims

by Tamar Haytayan


Tree in Nice

by Haig Armen


Nice Airport

by Haig Armen


Ani's ride

by Tamar Haytayan


Jivan hits the water

by Tamar Haytayan


Vallauris View

by Haig Armen



by Haig Armen


Palm Tree

by Haig Armen